17 days

17 Days and I’m starting a new adventure but don’t worry friends and family in Michigan, I will be back! This will probably be one of the most bravest things I have ever done but it will be worth it. I’m going in with a strong mind and will. If you want to do something you have to do it, one can not just say, “I want to travel, I want to move.” You have to do it and go at with all force and might. This is will be a challenge and yes a culture shock but I have at least dabbed into the New York lifestyle. You always have this idea of life being straight forward but life can also have new paths of different ideas. And yes i’m scared, i’m nervous, but i’m excited.

A KCAD professor told our class, “After graduation, everyone should move, move and go see what is outside West Michigan. If you don’t like where you go, come back.”

A Best friend told me, “You can’t let money control your life, if you wanna do something just do it.”

I always thought I would just graduate college in 4 years and be happy with the degree I picked…that didn’t happen. I recently graduated from Art School with a degree I am happy with. It may have taken me 8 years but who cares. All the other education is still serving a purpose. My advice to anyone in High School, unsure and searching for the perfect degree, is to explore a little more before just picking Business Administration.

I always thought I would believe in what I believed in. I always thought I would hate big cites. I always thought I would never be able to quit that dead end job. I always thought people can’t change. Truth is people do change, life changes, jobs change, friends change, and your likes and dislikes change. I’ve learned to be open to what the world has to offer and understanding of different perspectives.

My brother Joe, once told me to take the path less traveled and when I did that I ended up at Kendall. Continuing with that same advice, I’m ending up in NYC. After debating with myself over and over, whether or not this is possible or the right choice. Well, it’s happening and I’m going to miss my family and friends dearly. Technology is beautiful though! We will all be just fine! I promise to come back as much as possible but please do visit!

I’m moving because I want to experience something new. I want to see what else the world has to offer. I think NYC is beautiful through the ways every single culture is mixed together. The city is a giant melting pot. Songs about NYC give me goosebumps and I picture myself to at least experience life in NYC, doesn’t mean I will live there forever. I don’t know where life will lead. I’ve learned nothing is permanent and if I find myself hating this adventure, I know there will be a new adventure. Life is full of adventures. Adventure is experience is learning.

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One Response to 17 days

  1. Amanda Jones says:

    Even though we will miss you I think your are making the right choice, you need to do this for yourself girl! Love Ya

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